Colorado Is the Perfect Place for Outdoorsy People

Outdoorsy People

I am one of those people who enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors. There is just something about being out in the breeze trying to figure out what you are going to do next. Most people I know love it as much as I do. That was my main reason for choosing to move to Colorado out of all the places in the US. I am originally from Chicago and I do not feel like that city is made for people like me at all.

I remember looking at someone on television skiing when I was around 12 years old. The powder looked so perfect and she looked like there was no place in the world where she would rather be. That was the moment when I knew that I was a fan of winter sports. In addition to that,. my father always talked about growing up in Denver and how much he loved it. Combine those two points and it should be clear why I headed here as soon as I got the chance.

The only thing I do not like about living here is the fact that my family does not live really close. The job I have does not pay a ton, so it is not like I can travel to see them every time I get a whim. Other than that, this is the ideal location for me. Someone told me that Vermont is just as nice, but I beg to differ.

Since I can go hiking then head to some of the restaurants here and enjoy the best green chili sauce ever, trying to move someplace else would definitely be a decision I would regret over time. I think it’d be best if I stayed where I am.

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