Have a Great Time Visiting These Top Centennial Co Attractions

Co Attractions

There have been enough of the restaurants in Centennial CO brought to light. Now let’s look at some of the top attractions. If you are going to be vacationing in the city, you want to know what there is to see and do. When it comes to attractions in Centennial, there are some great places to visit. If you are ready to check a few of them out with me, let’s give it a shot.

Centennial City Park is one of the great places to visit. It is on East Peakview Avenue, and it features a splash pad or splash area, playground equipment and more. If you have kids, you know this is a stop, and even if you don’t have kids, it sounds like a lovely place to visit. One reviewer talks about summer concerts, too.

There is also a placed called Snobahn, and what do you think you get to do there? It is on South York Street, and if you have never been indoor skiing before, this is your opportunity to do so. There is also evidently pizza served up there, and in fact, it is mentioned in the reviews that it is a good place for birthday parties. Make sure you check out the tube hill.

There are a couple of brewing companies to visit while you are there, too. Resolute Brewing Company is one of them, and it is on South Yosemite Street. Reviews talk about there being food trucks available sometimes in the evening, too. Half Penny Brewing Company is the other option, and if you want to try out one, you might as well hit them both up, right? What do you think so far about the top things to do in Centennial CO? That is a good list to get you going and having fun on vacation.

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