Three Outstanding Restaurants and a Bonus Pick in Centennial Colorado

Centennial Colorado

It is time for some more information about Centennial CO, and this article is going to focus on some more restaurants. Let’s see what foods are going to wind up on your plate this time around. It is going to be a great time, and you will enjoy the picks I have in store. While many restaurants have already been mentioned, there are certainly more than three good ones left. It is time to look at three more picks, and I hope you get a chance to visit them.

Shawarma Mediterranean Grill is on South University Boulevard, and the odd thing right off the bat about this place is it is fast food. Do you know of a place that serves up Mediterranean food as fast food? That is rather unique, don’t you think? Wraps are one thing mentioned when it comes to the menu highlights. Also, do you like falafel?

Racca’s Pizzeria Napoletana is another top pick, and it is located on Inverness Main Street. One reviewer says that it is the best pizza in the city, so that does speak volumes about this place. It sure does look good. There is also a Happy Hour mentioned, and that sounds like fun. With the Happy Hour, that also means you get great appetizer selections. Or, you can just stick with pizza.

Remember the brewing companies mentioned in the articles about attractions? Well, there is food to eat at the Lone Tree Brewing Company, too. Go to Park Meadows Drive, and enjoy the popcorn and everything else the food truck has to offer. It might be a different type of experience each time you go, who knows! Since I did give you a reminder about a brewery for the third restaurant recommendation, I am going to give you one more pick. It Lodo’s Bar and Grill.

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